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One of Me is Missing

One of Me is Missing


Laramie Sasseville's Fiction for Young Readers

More trouble than eight of her can handle...

To fourteen-year-old Sally Knox, the world is a buffet of fascinating things to do and learn. She wants it all: martial arts, theater, sculpture, cooking, robotics, music, computer science - you name it! So, what happens when she gets her wish to be in enough places at once to take all the summer school classes she wants? Complications are just the beginning - before the end, one of her goes missing and the rest must come to the rescue or be trapped forever in their multitudinous state.

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Laramie Sasseville is a multiple-media artist residing in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Follow the links at the left to find:

  • Laramie Sasseville's Portfolio of Fantasy/SF Illustration: original drawings in pencils, ink and other media depicting images from the realm of imagination. Rapunzel's tower, flying horses, jhereg, aliens and more.

  • A Portfolio of Children's Illustrations for picture books, activities and more, including fairies and dancing maidens, aliens and a broomstick rider.

  • Dreamspell Images at CafePress.com: Mythic Images available on a variety of print-on-demand products, including postcards, prints, tshirts and more, from original designs by Laramie Sasseville

  • Sasseville's Portfolio of Digital Design work: web design, multimedia, animation, Flash, photo-repair, Logo and branding design.

  • JewelMarks: Fine-art, handcrafted jeweled bookmarks: fashioned from semi-precious stones and other fine materials, each a creation of unique character and artistic ingenuity

  • Stories by Laramie Sasseville, including the award-winning short story 'Survival,' a winner in the City Pages annual Fiction Contest (1986)

  • Original filk lyrics, another link in the filkers' Bardic Ring,

  • A Discordian Coloring Book: the online edition, and further links to CafePress.com/Sasseville, where the new, 2nd Print Edition of the coloring book is available for sale.

  • Laramie's LiveJournal: Oh, no: I've said too much.
Made August 10, 2005
by Laramie Sasseville